26 Email Marketing Tips in 2019 for Beginners & experienced Email Marketers

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26 Email Marketing Tips in 2019 for Beginners & experienced Email Marketers

August 23, 2018 content marketing email marketing strategy 0


Hey guys Michael Benedict here from Seopedia.

And I’m going to reveal 26 email marketing tips and tricks for beginners.

If you’re kind of new to email marketing or you’ve been in it a little while and you’re not sure what you’re doing. This blog post is just for you.

I’m going to go over some tips and tricks that will help you get better conversions, get more people to open your emails and read your blog post or your offers or buy stuff.

I will also show you a few different things you may not be aware of and a few obvious things that you might have overlooked when we get you back to the basics and get you some better results. So, the first one is

  1. Choose the right email service provider


Obviously, there’s a lot of different ones out there now because everyone’s starting to realize how important email marketing is to your business.

A Website is essential to business in today’s world. An email marketing is one of the way how you monetize your Website.

It’s how you collect information of people and that’s how you get customers from your traffic.

And without a good email service you’re not going to be able to collect those subscribers in the first place. So three of them that I recommend right now are Aweber, SendinBlue and Infusionsoft.

I would recommend Aweber and SendinBlue especially if you’re starting out.

If you want to go on to more bigger and better Or if you have a company with e-commerce ties then go with Infusionsoft but it will be something that requires a bigger budget.

  1. Next you need to find your audience


Obviously collecting data is completely pointless if you’re collecting leads who are into dog breeding or food and marketing all on the same list.

You know you need to segment. You need to know who your audience is and you should know whom to target.

You also need to know who you’re writing your blog post to & who your perfect customer would be, who will most likely buy your stuff.

  1. Make it easy to subscribe for your audience


Let me tell you something right now, the hardest thing about getting sales is making it as easy as possible for your customers.

The harder you make it on them the worse your conversions are going to get.

All right so don’t make them do extra steps assuming that they know nothing.

Assume that they have no idea how marketing works or any of that kind of stuff. Show them exactly step by step what to do.

Making them as many are actually as few steps as possible and have everything as simple as possible for them to just go through and subscribe right away in a matter of seconds.

Then you can have an opt-in form like you see here. It has your name. You don’t have to ask their name actually if you prefer not to collect names because of the slight drop in conversions.

You can just send email or you can even collect phone numbers if you’re into providing services.

Just make it easy for them to subscribe.


  1. Create a free lead magnet


In the past people would just subscribe to an RSS feed for blog or something or subscribe to a newsletter. But now people want something new.

So now they expect you to give them something in exchange for their email like a trade.

Before creating a new lead magnet you should research about your ideal customer, where they are from & what they will buy.

Here’s an example of a cheat sheet used as a Lead Magnet…

Lead Magnet in email marketing

Cheat sheets and handouts work well with most of the audience.

They have a different “feel” to them than reports or guides.

They are generally very short & targeted to an ultra-specific point. You can deliver these as checklists, PDF or “blueprints.”


  1. Send yourself a test email before you send a broadcast email


When you broadcast email which you probably already know, is just when you send an email to your whole list.

But before you do that send a test to yourself especially when you’re creating for your autoresponder and stuff you haven’t sent them to anyone yet.

You need to make sure everything looks good. It’s going to show up well it’s going to deliver them to the right inbox.

It is not going to be seen as spam or any of that kind of stuff.

This can save you a lot of time and can actually help your conversions because you might catch some things that you might not have seen before.

  1. Always send a welcome email


You need to send an email as soon as they subscribe. This is the first part of your autoresponder.

All you need to do is welcome them and then give them their sweet magnet.

Say hey welcome to the or whatever, here’s what you ordered. Give it to them and right from the start you establish some goodwill with them.


  1. Encourage Subscribers to follow you on social media

One of your first email in your autoresponder should encourage subscribers to connect with you on social media. This should be the second or third of your autoresponder.

Social media sharing

If you have some kind of a welcome sequence in your autoresponder it should be one of the emails you have to get them to connect with you on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn wherever it is, that you primarily use for social media connections for your brand.

Get them to follow you.

The more places they follow you the more likely they are to see your content and to see your promotions and buy your stuff.


  1. Make sure people are able to unsubscribe


Because it’s actually illegal for them not to be able to unsubscribe.

There are laws that say you know you can’t be sending these mass emails and these marketing emails without people being able to voluntarily unsubscribe.

unsubscribe form

So just make sure you’re not breaking the law. Don’t get sued or anything. Make sure that they can unsubscribe or change their options at the bottom of the email.

And this is kind of what that looks like which says you can unsubscribe or change your contact details at any time.


  1. Have Autoresponder based on subscriber’s time


This means that you send auto emails based on their time of signing up.

So, when they’re signing up to your website that means they’re usually probably awake at that time of day.

And it goes based on their time zone and when they subscribe. Hence, your auto responder emails should be sent at the time when they subscribe.

From then on which means it’s optimized for the time they should be up or they should be online on their computer or on their phone whatever it is because that’s when they had sign up in the first place.

That’s probably a good time to be sending them emails. Hence, make sure to check this option with your autoresponder.


  1. Another thing you can do is use scarcity in your autoresponder


Don’t make your promotional emails be like if they can just sign up to your stuff at any time.

Trust me they won’t do it if they can do buy whatever it is you’re offering at a discounted price at any time. They’ll put it off until they feel like it and they may never feel like it.

So, if you get people to have some urgency and give them the chance to get something really cool by doing it early or by doing it within a time period then you should take advantage of that.

As an example, this particular email offers power bank only for 999 but they have mentioned that they have only limited stocks to create an urgency in the minds of customer.

It’s just an example of how to use scarcity.

Scarcity offer

  1. Next make sure your email tells your brand OR Company Name

from email

If you get an email from Google Partners it says it’s from Google partners. If you get an email from me it says it’s from Seopedia. Make sure they know from whom this email is from.

Don’t let it say like what. Blah blah blah. 2 3 1 5 at Yahoo or some other spammy characters or whatever because it doesn’t look very professional.


  1. Next thing you want to do is to pay attention to open and click rates


Obviously if you don’t know the numbers you don’t know what’s working. If you don’t know what’s working it’s hard to optimize it and make more money.

All email service providers give you an option to check your open & click rates.

But for your information, your email open rate is calculated by dividing the number of unique opens by the amount of emails sent, minus the number of bounces:

Open Rate = Unique Opens / (Number of Emails Sent – Bounces)

For example, MailChimp reports that the average open rate for all industries is 20.81%, whereas the average open rate in the marketing/advertising industry is 16.48%.


  1. Next use the 80/20 rule


You should not pitch your product in every email you send to your customers.

Definately that doesn’t sounds good. Your 80% of emails should provide value to your audience like giving them info through blogpost, podcast, webinar etc. and then 20 percent of time you can do promotions.


  1. Another thing use short punchy subject lines

Getting a place in customer’s inbox is quite tough for an email marketer who is just started.

Whenever I decide to open an email I decide by its face i.e. the subject line.

Okay here’s just a few of them that I that I put together that do really well.

  • “Hoping to help”
  • “We have [insert fact] in common …”
  • “Idea for [topic the prospect cares about]”
  • “10 mins — [date]?”
  • “Do not open this email”
  • “3 weekend ideas for you”
  • “HBO Go password?”


  1. Next is A/B Testing Email Subject Lines


Subject lines act like a doorkeeper for your emails. Unless your audience know you well you need to have a catchy subject line for them to open your emails.

So, it’s very clear that you must give a thought to A/B test your subject lines.

A/B tests are simple to execute and even simpler if you use an email marketing platform with built-in split test capabilities. The platforms of Aweber and sendinblue are perfect for this.

Compare your open rates with different subject lines and you can improve your overall ROI of your email Marketing.


  1. Spread the links throughout your email


When using links to offers or content through emails, you should have at least 2 links to the same thing that you want your subscribers to click (3 at the most).

You should spread them through different parts of the email.

This makes it easier for them to click, depending on which part of the email they are reading.

Here’s an example where the link is distributed throughout the content of the email.

email example

Link distribution in email


  1. Make sure you always have a call to action in your emails


If you don’t tell people what to do next they’re not going to do anything.

That’s just how it is. Like I said before, assume that they know nothing and this will get you farther.

Tell them to go to that link or if you want to read them more tell them to go this way or to get their coupon. Tell them to watch the video here.

Tell them what to do next.


  1. Segment your list


You need to separate the list into different types of people based on their reactions based on what they’re reading, based on squeeze pages that they opted into.

Don’t put a one size fits all list for everybody. You need to be targeting a certain audience but that certain audience is also going to need to be targeted into other branches who might be offering a different e-book.

You have an e-book on say your website is about health if you have an e-book on gaining muscle you have an e-book on losing weight.

You have an e-book on eating healthy. You get a bunch of people that are interested in health. If they’re reading a blog post that’s more specific to just eating than that they have a weed Mangat for eating.

Have sales e-book for that for eating healthy.

Don’t just assume that they want to gain muscle lose weight and all the stuff they might just want to eat better. OK. Don’t assume anything just segment based on what post they read what they opt into and what e-mails they open.


  1. Next read emails before sending


I’ve mentioned sending test e-mails while just reading through them can help a lot too.

You need to make sure that you don’t have bad spelling that you left out on call to action that you don’t make any sense at all in the whole email that is completely not even in the right language.

You know it just take 30 seconds to read through it shouldn’t be a long emailing.

They won’t take you long at all. Make sure everything you need in the e-mail is in there.

Make sure your wings are in there. Make sure they’re spread out make sure what’s good.

Make sure it’s legible make sure it makes sense when they read it. It’s easy to comprehend.

He didn’t do too many gigantic words trying to outdo Bill Gates or something and make sure they have a call action. Know what to do next.


  1. Send RSS emails to save time for your blog newsletter


People obviously have a blog now because blogs are one of the best ways to get subscribers for your business and get sales.

Now most of the bloggers have started to convert RSS to emails to connect with wider audience.

Aweber, Benchmark Email and lot other ESPs have this feature.

You can easily share your latest blog posts with your readers using a simple email template.

You are just required to enter the headings of your new blog and link it to your website pages.

This kind of emails can help you bring traffic to your blog.


  1. Use pre-designed templates


Email templates are one of the great option for someone who doesn’t want to design from scratch.

Most of the service providers offer a wide range of templated suited for your need.

When I started to create my first few emails, I took inspiration from many pre-built email templates.

These templates are easily customisable for your brand & occasion. Drag n drop editor is very helpful in today’s DIY culture. Choose among the best performing email editors and template available.


  1. Must optimize for mobile


Almost 50 percent of email is open on phones now and obviously it’s going up pretty rapidly so you know it will take over and more people will be seeing their e-mail on their smartphones than on their computers.

So, you can’t afford to not have mobile optimized emails. And some of them will show you mobile preview as you can kind of see below.

optimize for mobile


But another thing you need to do is when you send those test emails. Open it on your smartphone making sure it’s legible.


  1. Use short and crisp copywriting


What I mean by this is just keep your sentences short and don’t create a lot of big paragraphs and make sure that the sentences the paragraphs do not go off the page especially on a smartphone.

You don’t want people having to scroll with the roof to write on their smartphones trying to read it.

They won’t do it. Like I said the easier you may get, the better conversions you get. So, make it to where they can read everything quickly.

Keep the sentences short and sweet so they can just skim over it and get the idea and click on the link.


  1. Don’t email too often


Don’t send emails every day to the same list.

I know some people think that this is the best way to do business but even if you’re getting a lot of subscribers you’re going to annoy a big chunk of them by sending too many emails.

I recommend one day at the most probably one every other day would be best.

You can test different ways but don’t send multiple emails in one day unless you’re just having a big sale or something it ends at midnight or if you’re having a multiple reminders.

Otherwise you know unless there’s an urgent reminder or something for them don’t email a bunch times in one day.


  1. Double check your links


Links are what gets you business and traffic.

Your views on your sales videos and take your customers on the sales page to be able to buy things if you don’t get your link’s working you’re not going to get any sales.

You’re not going to get much traffic from your email list.

Please double check your wings before sending emails.

It’s just a common thing you need to do a lot of people you know they try to blow through this stuff and do it too fast and then they forget to include just the basic essentials.


  1. And last but not always avoid triggering spam filters


Spam filters you may or may not know about but using like five or six links in one email and very little text using too many images.

You know using All CAP words, using spammy words like Make Money Online or things that would imply a scam can trigger spam filters.

I mean do you even check your spam folder anytime? I seriously doubt it.

I don’t check mine. You probably don’t check yours. Nobody does. So, they’re not going to see your emails.

Check out the insights about Spamhaus & Spamcop.

If it ends up there so make sure your emails are genuine. They are playing by the rules and you avoid that completely.

I also encourage you to look up on Google or whatever your search engine is to figure out what spam words trigger those filters just to make sure you’re not using it.


I hope these tips & tricks make us all better marketers and we learn together.


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