4 Data-Driven Improvements To Your Content Marketing Strategy

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4 Data-Driven Improvements To Your Content Marketing Strategy

December 3, 2016 content marketing seo 0
4 Data-Driven Improvements To Your Content Marketing Strategy



Content marketing is no doubt one of the fastest ways to make money and earn today. It is also why more and more people are absorbed in it day to night. The effective utilization of content marketing depends on a good content marketing strategy or an inbound marketing strategy. It also depends on one’s knowledge to understand how search engine marketing works.

If one makes use of how search engine marketing works along with a different inbound marketing strategy and a perfectly balanced content marketing strategy, then there is no way that the perks of this field stay put from this person in his business and goals. The need for the above three factors cannot be stressed more which is why if you are also a person looking for success in the same then you should know of the following ways in which this goal can be accomplished:

  1. Making Use of Available Tools Is Key

There are lots of tools that are available today that can help to reach the goal. This is also why using content analytics for websites, having social listening technology for finding keywords, and uncovering threads, making use of marketing automated solutions and email campaigns, are the best ways to get speedy results from the technology.

Zoho CRM can help you jumpstart your marketing campaigns. You can integrate your content marketing strategies with their email marketing platform. Zoho campaigns assist you to create and nurture your leads.

Marketing automated software

  1. Content from Data Findings Is the Best

The best way to get content marketing work out for you is to look for the ways and the areas that you cater or you have started catering over time. Dig your google analytics data of your domain to understand your audience of interest. The businesses which have converted in the past will likely to convert in future as well.

Plan your content to delight this group by offering content related to special discounts & offers.  When you look into your data you shall see that you have a lot of data irrespective of the genders, income brackets, age, and other factors etc. Thus, they will surely help to devise a better way for the same.

  1. Don’t Go for Numbers

You might be thinking that these tips would have been more influential if they had any pure stats along with them. In fact, the reality is this that big numbers should not be the way to measure success. It is because metrics can give you halted creativity and when you become too data driven then you lose that human element in you. Instead, you can use customer surveys to know exactly how to base your content. Use google keyword planner tool to learn about the keywords your targeted audience is searching.

Thus, make sure that these issues do not drive you away and you learn through your data analysis rather than just going forward for your numbers.

  1. Define Guidelines

If one has empowering internal and external contributors that engage on your behalf, then all insights can be converted into meaningful decisions through different discussions. This will help to have a more relationship building approach which is why it is important that you build a community through brand guidelines.

Moreover, a good community will help to contribute different ideas and their feedback shall also be very helpful for building an audience. Thus, to make sure that all of this is passed on to you in an effective manner then it is important that you put in clear guidelines to be followed by your people well enough.


By using these 4 simple steps, you can get best out of your content marketing campaign. If you are focused towards your targeted audience and the context, then your content will get traction almost overnight.

Now that you know the most relevant data driven content marketing approaches then make sure you get the very best out of them to incorporate and get blessed with them as well.


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