5 Advanced Techniques For Link-Building As A Future SEO Strategy

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5 Advanced Techniques For Link-Building As A Future SEO Strategy

December 12, 2016 Link building seo 9
Building as a future seo strategy


SEO backlinks and their strategies are the best ways to make use of the SEO link building phenomena that is available today for innovators. These are such link building strategies that are great for SEO link building and can in fact prove to be the best ones too. There are many different link building strategies available, out of which some of them vary to be purely advanced in their forms such as SEO backlinks, etc. It is also the reason why a lot of people today are interested to know of these and are on the lookout to get the best utilization of their business too. Some of these are given below while they are also the top 5 ones being used all over the world by most successful people too.

  1. Play The Same Game

This is important to know what techniques your competitors are using so that you can target and progress like them too. Competitor research is always a part of all marketing strategies. You can use tools like Moz site explorer & Ahref to get the backlinks of other businesses in your industry. You can track your backlinks, brand mention & keyword using Ahref site explorer.

ahref site explorer

  1. Get Involved in Communities

Getting involved in communities is the best way for building such business relationships that matter a lot. It is because you get to know who you can target and when people know about you they are most likely not to mark you as spam in their mailbox or ignore any requests. For quality backlinks you must focus on target audience which you can find by joining communities on google+ & Linkedin.

linkedin groups

  1. Understand the tone and Voice

Understanding the tone and the voice of the publication is important because it is surely this practice that will help you in times when you are guest posting on different sites directly to get a lot of links to your won site by others.

  1. Get Away from The Deadness

We are sure that pretty much everyone hates to find the things that they have been looking for and then end up to have a link that is dead or that is in other words, presented with a ‘404 not found’ error. This is the reason when we say getting away from the deadness is important we mean that we don’t want people to be angry over the sources that they had thought they had found.

Thus, one should definitely look out for all the dead links from time to time so that the links are updated and no other competitor takes advantage of this situation.

  1. Copy Google to Get Noticed

This technique might not seem like very fruitful for link building at the first go but it surely does work very well in the longer run. We also know that Google never does anything that won’t benefit it so for all those in doubt copying Google isn’t a bad option at all. Google makes use of info boxes along with the search results that comes up popping with the answer of the asked search already. Thus, one doesn’t need to go to that site at all and read the solution there only. However, in the long run, it helps to have better name through the knowledge graph and the semantics used which is why it is also the top technique in this list too.

The above specified techniques are the most treasured techniques of all time so make sure you make use of them without any doubt at all!


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  1. Nestor Paul says:

    Awesome tips from you Micheal!

    I would love to try you tips that will help my blog to get easily make my blog optimized.

  2. Advanced link building, nice content!

  3. Methew Bond says:

    Very Helpful Blog. I am 100% sure, that above listed all techniques are the top trends in the upcoming year for generating the link building for any websites.

  4. Vignesh says:

    Nice points. Thanks for sharing it

  5. Great post!
    It would be great if you can share some more about the 5th point i.e Copy Google. Rest all is awesome!
    Thanks man!

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