5 Simple SEO Tips to Improve Your Website Ranking in 2017

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5 Simple SEO Tips to Improve Your Website Ranking in 2017

January 9, 2017 seo 0
5 simple seo tips to improve our website ranking in 2017


Website ranking is something which has become essential for almost anything to be successful and famous in the rapid awaking of the New Year. With the beginning of a fully technological 2017, the need for better strategies has also increased. SEO or Search Engine Optimization tips are more than needed to survive rather than to be just innovative today. Moreover, you do not only need SEO for your website but also need to keep updating your SEO area based on the quickly evolving way in which SEO is also changing.

Thus, if you are looking for some really simple and updated SEO tips for 2017 then you are in for some great luck as you can find them here, given below.

  1. Mobile-friendly

More than 45% of people use smartphones to open everyday content so this aspect has become one of the most needed and the most important one that you make use of. With the advent of mobile phones, tablets, etc people do not indulge in opening their laptops, or desktop computers to open many websites. They like to visit and find things on the go rather than opening on their workstations.

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Thus, it is important and the most needed SEO tip of the era that your site is mobile-friendly to gain all the merits. People shall deviate away from your site if they see that there are scalability options or ambiguity as the site is not optimized or customized for a mobile user. Thus, make sure that you have a mobile implementation for your website when you are getting it made. This aspect definitely helps in SEO because you don’t want people to go away when they find difficult to browse your site on their smartphone. It takes just a minute for people to leave your site and go to another page website that is mobile-friendly and offers the same results that they are looking for.

Thus, if you want to make sure more people get to your website, then make sure that you consider mobility options as a must to have especially in a modern 2017 mobile era.

  1. Voice Search

Voice search is one of the newest trends that has evolved and is still evolving. A great tip for SEO is to stay unique and advanced from others so that you can make use of that tip while others are still working on it. There are many wise names that have already started working on this aspect as searching through voice is easier and can even open audiences that are under privileged to write through a keyboard. They can also help people to search while eating or doing other things so voice search is truly increasing to be more favored by all.

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If you become one of the very first few ones to have this options embedded into your site then you can gain more benefits as there is no much competition because sites are still developing it. Thus, if you implement this advanced searching option through voice as soon as possible, people shall find it too easy to come to you and get what they want. Voice search evolved with the view that we started interacted with google considering it human. The first step is to use the longer sequence of words that a person would naturally use for voice search.

  1. Video Marketing

There is no greater impact that can be made on a person through videos. It is because everything that exists can be seen through the eyes being done. Talking and reading about things through descriptions can surely help to have answers to a few questions but videos answer almost all questions of how to operate a product, how to best use or store it, how easy it is to use, how it looks quality and size wise, besides other descriptions too.  Thus, this way people are more likely to order a product or understand about a topic through step by step implementation videos and tutorials for added simplification.

Christian Weiss explains the Video Marketing Strategy which allows you to rank even for highly competitive keywords amazingly fast. It removes any ambiguity which is why these are always preferred over other ways. Hence, if someone wants more traffic and more people getting into sales then videos (41% higher audiences than without videos) are a must for them to implement. The fact that more than 41% are attracted more through videos rather than simple content descriptions of any topic has been proved over through measured statistics over the past year by marketing analysts. Video seo can help you grow higher in your ranking if we use videos to solve problems & provide new information.

  1. Social Media

We do not think that you need to be told the importance of social media today. It is important that you have off page optimization through social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This opens more pages that are linked to your content and naturally also opens greater audiences through these multiple platforms.  Thus, your traffic is bound to increase when the optimization is not only on-page but off-page as well.  Keep in mind that it has immense importance as 76% of marketers use social media to get more impressions for profits overall.

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  1. Back-Linking

This is one of the smartest ways in which you can attain the SEO tricks while you are writing some article or some content for your website. It should be such that it has many such words or topics in it that are related to each other and when they appear in that topic people are attracted to click on them and read some other topic on your page website.

Cyrus Shepard explains the rules of link-building in his Whiteboard Friday. There are many different link building strategies available, out of which some of them vary to be purely advanced in their forms such as SEO backlinks.

For instance, even when it comes to this article then if you want to know about SEO tips, you would also want to know how to implement these tips, or which companies have used them to share their success. Thus, you keep opening related links and quality back linking keeps working in one way here as well. It is, however, also important that the content in that link is of quality so that the user opens other related links too. If not, then he shall not go to more than 2 links even if he sees his interesting topics.

Now that you know the simplest 5 changing SEO tips for 2017, make sure you implement these right away to stay up in the competition.


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