Why Link Building and Social Media Make a Great SEO Tag Team

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Why Link Building and Social Media Make a Great SEO Tag Team

January 16, 2017 Link building seo Social Media 1
Link Building and Social Media a Great SEO Tag Team



It is normally said that SEO and link building are two words that go hand in hand in order to have a great successful strategic combination for website success and impressions. However, if you go deeper in this venture, then you shall know that most of the SEO part points out to Social Media platforms, and their marketing, their strategies, etc so that a lot of SEO tactics are implemented to different pages and platforms through link building. In fact, one can also say that Social media and link building is almost the same as both of them, yield the same successful and speedy but clever and sustainable results.

Thus, if it is said that link building and social media make a great SEO tag team then that cannot be wrong in any sense. Well, for all those who are confused about the words we are using. Let us first give you a very brief introduction to what they are.

Social Media

You already know that all these social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, etc, are those that have a lot of people joined on them. Each person have atleast one of them installed in their smartphones. That is why there are more chances to reach people if your content is not only on your website but on pages where people are already connected.

Facebook has proved to be one of the successful promotion platforms for startups & budding entrepreneurs. Early in 2014, Facebook narrowed down the organic feed from the business pages due to the increased number of posts. You can increase the exposure to your posts by running paid ads to your targeted audience. Similarly, Twitter also introduced their Ad platform to help businesses voice their brand online. While you should develop a Twitter marketing strategy to connect with users organically, there are several Twitter ads options targeted to specific business goals that can help get your brand content in front of those users who have the most potential to bring value to your business. Thus, social media off-page implementation of SEO is a great tactic to go ahead with.

Link Building

As the name indicates, this means that you need to build such links that bring people back to your website even if they have read one article or whatever people search on Google, most of your content has such common trending keywords that appear in the links of your pages, such that Google shows it in the search results more and people are bound to visit your page. If your content contains valuable information for the online community, people will naturally link back to you. The number of followed links pointing to your domain, especially the ones without Google’s “nofollow” html tag are considered  top ranking factors of google ranking. This makes link building important above all. Thus, this SEO tactic is a greatly smart tip for better visits and should be considered as wise seo investment.

The Relation Between Them

Of course, when you have an article written and you boost it on Facebook, then more people can see it. One way is when people can see them while browsing as you have used the social media strategy fir it. While the other is when people search on Google or any other engine and see lots of links but the most quality optimized or the one that matches their search words the most is yours. They open this page and then find other related topics on your page to keep linking and staying on your website.

The relation between link building and social media also make for a great SEO combination as a tag team because when one of them is catching all the attention of many people who are regularly visiting their own profiles, on the other hand those who are searching for these are also catered in this way. Thus both audiences (one interested but not actually looking for them and one looking for them specifically) are attracted in this way.

While you already know that social media means having presence through certain pages over platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others, it is important to know some things about link building to efficiently use this technique alongside to have a full-proof designed SEO strategy for success. The following are some important things you need to know about links and link building and how you can make it work for yourself too. Knowing these shall bring you one step closer to a clear understanding and implementation for both social media and link building side by side too.

How Do You Build a Link?

You get hyperlinks from other websites that take you to your own website. The search engine crawls between many pages of your site through techniques of SEO that your pages comply with. Thus, high quality links get you the most results. They discover new pages or determine the ranking in results.

Parts of A Link

  • Start of link tag

Called the anchor tag, it opens the link tag and tells the search engine the link to follow

  • Link referral location

This is the href or hyperlink referral. It indicates the URL to which it goes. It is not a webpage always and can be an image or file. Something other than the URL is indicated with a # sign. It means local links like different sections of the same page.

  • Visible text

This is the little amount of text or topic that users see on the page. It is formatted in a way that stands out from the rest surrounding it. It is often blue to indicate that it is clickable.

  • Closure

This part tells that the link tag to the search engine has ended

Why It Works?

There are lots of advantages of link building which is why it is very important. It has the following benefits

  • It builds relationships by promotion of something you created to have a common goal. This makes long term relationships with the most crucial influencers of the industry.
  • The links impact the referral traffic. This traffic can also lead to good sales.
  • It can help to have a brand image to be authoritative in one’s area. It highlights your company’s expert areas to build a good brand image.

Thus, both Link building and Social media in this way make sure that the customer or the visitor stays glued to your website once they visit your website or are made to open the Facebook, or Twitter, Quora, or Snapchat story when they see something that interests them respectively. Hence, both of these ways make sure that a great combination is formed to increase traffic in both of the most successful ways out of the many other ways that exist for SEO.


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