Should you be repurposing your content?

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Should you be repurposing your content?

March 2, 2017 seo 1
Repurpose your content


Have you been thinking about the pros and cons of re-purposing your blog content? Read on to find it out.

The obvious answer is why not?

You have invested in your content and re-purposing can help you maximize your investment. You should look at it as a long-term SEO outlay and will be helpful to build your brand.
You have written a blog post and if you can reproduce in the form of infographic, podcasts and slideshare presentation you should do it at first place.


Increase the SEO value of your content

The whole idea is to leverage the benefit of your original content. If You have written a long piece of content of around 2000 to 3000 words keeping the focused keywords. The text content is already rendering a lot of value to its readers if you have kept it seo-friendly.

If your content is right, you have already created a solid foundation to support all your SEO efforts.

If you are reusing the same content in the form of podcast, videos etc. then it’s going to help you get more traffic. You can even include a link to your original content to enjoy the referrals to your website.

The different forms of content will be indexed and this will eventually helps in ranking for a particular keyword. Make sure you link it with the original content not just because it will help you in ranking but also let people know that they can visit your website if they are looking for similar content like this.

Infact if you notice that there are many influencers & big guns of online marketing industry is already doing it. So, we have nothing to lose if we follow and advocate this process.

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Re-purposing will help get you more eyes

Your ultimate goal is to get as much readers of your content. This can be achieved by posting you content to different online platforms like Quora, medium, etc.

A simple example is if you are regenerating your blog post in the form of video and you auto-post it on sound cloud & Google play then you are reaching those audiences whom you might not reach by just publishing it on your website. These websites already have your targeted audience connected.

There are millions of bog posts shared on Facebook & twitter every day and the reason is the audience base they have. Publishing your content on social sites is one of the important strategy of Digital Marketing. is a perfect platform to share your content related to all aspects of Inbound and general marketing. It has channels like SEO, Link building, Inbound marketing etc. which can assist you to get feedback of experts in the niche.

If people truly love your content they will share it on their social channels. This in turn will get you even more eyes you expected.

You probably might be thinking that there are lot more ways to re-purpose the content. How to track all these? There must be a workflow template which you can follow. Curata’s CMO, Michael Gerard suggested a content re-purposing pyramid which can help you generate more with less.

Trello is another great tool to create your content workflow.

Translate the same content in other languages

If you are a global business, then you can avail the benefit by translating your content for other regions as well. Last September, I wrote a guest post on Sitepro news on the topic How to re-market using email marketing?

This content had a decent number of readers and I was able to generate more visitors from Brazil & Taiwan once I published the content in their native language.

This works really well because you don’t have to produce more content again and again. It is worth it and i would suggest to use it as you have very little to lose.

There is a big misconception that Google Penalizes duplicate content. They have specifically mentioned that they will not do that if you are re-purposing your original content. Then why wouldn’t you post your content on LinkedIn and medium to get some extra traffic.

If you are a guest author, then you can produce your content as a podcast and add it on iTunes and soundcloud. Speech recognition tools like Voicebase and can help you in doing that.


Be careful if you monetize your blog

If you are a business generating revenue by advertising, then it might result in less visits to the websites as people will already find your content on LinkedIn, Inbound and Medium. It will also affect the websites collecting email ids on exchange of e-books or whitepapers as page views of your main website will reduce.

They might not feel like visiting your website again for the same content. You can overcome this drawback by rewriting your content as a question to the community and including a link to your post which answers the query.



There are more benefits of re-purposing so you should start doing it to get most out of your valuable content. If your business is Ad based then you may want to reconsider it. Otherwise, it is a pretty good content marketing strategy which will pay you in long run.



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