Social Media Optimization Services

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Social Media Optimization is the best way you can grant your website a wider reach. It is through SMO that your online business has a brighter future. Opting for SMO opens up ways for you to find your target customers for your business. It gives you a higher ranking just like opting for SEO does.

Social media marketing, or SMM, is all about engagement. It’s a business’s opportunity to connect with clients and build a long-term customer relationship built on communication and trust. Today, the customer-business power relationship is skewed toward the customer, with every individual able to publicly voice concerns and garner media attention, as every person is now a media publisher.

Our Social media optimization consists of the following:

  • Setting up & Managing Social media profiles
  • Active Social Engagement
  • Presence and user engagement on Facebook/Twitter
  • Joining social groups to create awareness
  • Creating Buzz and Boosting likes and followers

This is why SMM is a powerful and necessary tool for all brands today. Education and services provided by SMM professionals can help a business improve their presence and develop a positive reputation online.

Making Social Media Work for Your Business

A business that is not interacting with clients through social media may be hurting their brand in several ways: the risk of fading away from their customer base’s top-of-mind recall; missed opportunities to reach new clients; and falling out of public favor by missing important conversations taking place online. So what’s a business to do?

With the help of qualified SMM experts, a company can optimize their social media presence. Social media marketing is executed through many platforms, with a few of the popular platforms being a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and YouTube.

However, before a business engages in any particular platform, research must be put into locating the places where the intended audience is active online, and creating a social media strategy to reach them in relevant spaces. SMM services begin with research to identify those social media platforms where participation will produce the greatest pay off.

Developing a Social Media Strategy

An SMM company must tailor SMM strategies to the needs of the individual business. Take a local boutique, for example. A boutique may do well to optimize their presence in Yelp and invite customers to review their clothing  on the social review network.

Users of social media platforms use each differently, and the rules of engagement are largely defined by the users themselves. This is why SMM professionals understand that SMM services are not one-size-fits-all.

We have sound understanding of Social Media Optimization for following Social Networking Websites for Business Promotion:-


Following things are included in Facebook Fan Page Setup

  • Creative Design/ Visual for Cover Page & Profile Image
  • Creative for Welcome Screen Tab ( Landing Page)Feed and Creative Content Posting.
  • PPC Campaign Management



Following things are included in Twitter Page Setup:

  • Creative Design/ VisualBackground ImageHeader Image & Profile Image
  • Daily Tweet Plan
  • Creative Trends on Twitter


Video Optimisation for YouTube VideoChannel

  • Brand Page Setup on YouTube.
  • Creative PPT and Video developmentSharing Video On Social Network
  • Converting Format of Videos into FLV/ Light Weight before it could be uploaded on YouTube.
  • Converting Full length Video into Multiple tracks.


Following things are included in LinkedIn Business Page.

  • Creative Design/ Visual for Cover Page & Profile Image
  • Business Page Setup with Product Offerings
  • Feed and Creative Content Posting.
  • PPC Campaign Management


Following things are included in Pinterest Business Board:

  • Creative Design/ Visual for Pinterest Board.
  • Feed and Creative Content Posting.


Social Media Marketing experts at Seopedia helps you navigate a community’s expectations and the value of brand presence as you decide how to devote resources to social media platforms. A strategic SMM company can help you develop and execute social media policy and practices that aid in community outreach, reputation management and brand loyalty for your business.